Tasty Highlights of the Texas Veggie Fair 2012

The line for the vegan corn dogs was the longest food line.

I have never had a funnel cake in my life. On Sunday afternoon, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with some friends at the third annual Texas Veggie State Fair. I was determined to find a vendor with vegan funnel cakes so I could sample some (they ran out quickly last year).

I ran into my friend Camille Suttles, an entertainment reporter from The Shorthorn, and together we sampled some (alas, not all) of the delicious vegan fare. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any funnel cakes, but we found plenty of other things to try.

Here are some foodie highlights from the fair (click each image to enlarge the picture and scroll down to read my personal thoughts on each dish):

The event was much bigger this year and I felt like the number of food vendors increased at least threefold. I completely forgot about my quest for funnel cakes because there were so many other things going on.

We tried many foods, but we didn’t even hit half of the food vendors! I was especially sad that I didn’t get to try the different varieties of vegan pizza from Gepetto’s Pizza Truck. The Dallas Observer covered what I missed though. Check out their great slideshow with tons of pictures of all the different food at the fair. Red Hot Vegans also has an extensive gallery with pictures of food and activities from the fair.

There were several speakers, exhibits, and demos that I sadly had to miss out on–though I did get to exchange a quick hug with one of my role models, Christy Morgan, the Blissful Chef! It was nice running into the event organizer Jamey Scott (DallasVegan.com) while waiting in line for corn dogs. I was very excited to chat with Char Duncan and Barbara DeGrande of Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas about collaborating for vegan events at UT Arlington with the Vegan Club. Everyone was wonderful.

They had a raffle but I completely forgot to check if I won anything before leaving!

I still wish I could have stayed the whole time to check out everything, but the trip was still worth it. Seeing all different kinds of people (vegan, vegetarian, and my personal favorite: curious omnivores) come together to celebrate veganism was ultimately inspiring, and the vastness of the crowds illustrated that awareness is growing. I am so thankful to the organizers, exhibitors, volunteers and attendees of the event!

Did you go the Texas Veggie State Fair? What were your favorite parts, food-wise or exhibit-wise? Please let me know in the comments below.

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