According to Buzzfeed, 23 is the worst year of the twenties.

I do admit that everything, from job applications to grad school preparations, is terrifying to me right now, almost to the point of crippling anxiety…however, I disagree with Buzzfeed’s assessment. I’ll trust the words of a very dear friend who has a couple of years on me–like anything in life, your age is what you make it. I’m eager to learn and pursue opportunities to make the best of this year.

I’ve been 23 for about half a day. So far, it doesn’t feel much different from being 22. Since graduating last month, half the time I’ve been  overwhelmed by anxiety (to be combatted with Netflix or sleep), and the other half of the time I’ve been an enthusiastic productive powerhouse. I’ve been writing, reading, deep-cleaning (I find it quite therapeutic), and learning and developing recipes. I can’t wait to find a job I can be enthusiastic about, though.

Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, I am off to explore some vegan noms, of course.

I’ll leave you with 23 recent food adventures I had during winter break. I hope to post some new recipes for you very soon!

  1. phở // homemade by yours truly
  2. pita bread + hummus + muhammara + stuffed grape leaves // Hummus Mediterranean Cafe (Moore, OK)
  3. artisan flatbread pizza (the “Skinny” pizza, sans goat cheese) //Coolgreens (Oklahoma City, OK)
  4. customized salad // Coolgreens (Oklahoma City, OK)
  5. the Port (veganized) // The Earth Cafe and Deli (Norman, OK)
  6. rice congee // homemade by my aunt
  7. brownie bites // homemade with a recipe from Minimalist Baker
  8. blueberry lemon scone + tea // The Earth Cafe and Deli (Norman, OK)
  9. phở // Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant (Houston, TX)
  10. faux beef fried rice // Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant (Houston, TX)
  11. honeydew soymilk tea // Tea Bar and Organics (Houston, TX)
  12. edamame // Tea Bar and Organics (Houston, TX)
  13. bamboo shoot soup + veggies // Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant (Houston, TX)
  14. fried organic tofu, sans shrimp topping // Tea Bar and Organics (Houston, TX)
  15. phở // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  16. noodles + lemongrass tofu + greens // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  17. chè (pomegranate + pandan jelly + young coconut + coconut milk) // BAMBU (Houston, TX)
  18. fusion noodle soup (Viet + Thai) // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  19. bánh cuốn (Vietnamese rolled rice cakes) // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  20. eggrolls // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  21. chè xôi nước (sweet rice dumplings + ginger syrup) // Tịnh Luật Vegetarian Buffet (Houston, TX)
  22. apple pie + vanilla almond ice cream // homemade with a recipe from Nom Yourself
  23. roasted tomato garlic soup // homemade by yours truly (recipe coming soon)

Although I graduated, I’m still going to be involved with UTA’s Vegan Club as an off-campus advisor of sorts, since my sister is president. Expect to see me, or at least my mini chocolate chip cookies at the Vegan Club’s first gathering at the Activities Fair next Wednesday!

Milk and Cookies with Vegan Club UTAThanks for stopping by, and please let me know what you would like to see on the blog with a comment below. 🙂

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