Winter Drinks For Definition Fitness Magazine | Outtakes

The holidays aren’t complete without sibling disagreements about silly things, like what kind of Christmas music to listen to…

Anna: What is this? Is this even a Christmas song??
Me: Well, most of the songs on this playlist aren’t classic Christmas songs, but I really like them because they capture the essence of Christmas for me…
Anna: Ann, I want ACTUAL Christmas songs, not this indie nonsense!
Me: But these are so dreamy…! Ok, fine.
Anna: Ooh, Silent Night, something I recognize!
Me: Oh yes! But it’s in German…
Anna *shaking her head*: Ann, PLEASE!

This exchange with my sister made us both laugh and resulted in a playlist with songs we both like…I hope you enjoy it.

For me, Christmas season is a time to cherish with loved ones, and a time for personal spiritual reflection. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you’re making the best of the holidays!

Since it’s Christmas Eve, I figure today is a good day to share my favorite outtakes from a dreamy recipe shoot I did for Definition Fitness Magazine’s winter issue. For the issue, I developed some unique winter drink recipes (not your average hot chocolate). Check them out below–I had a blast styling and shooting these! I’ve been wanting to share them with you for a while.

Horizontal Spread3Other Spread1Other Spread2S W E E T + S P I C Y
ginger hot chocolate

Ginger Cocoa2.jpg

W A R M + T O A S T Y
black sesame matcha latte

R I C H + C R E A M Y
sweet potato latte

Want a sip? You can grab the recipes from Definition Fitness Magazine’s winter issue–this is also our last issue!

If you’re looking for a traditional hot chocolate recipe, check out this old favorite from my days at The Shorthorn.

I’ll end this post with my favorite accidental shot from this recipe shoot! 🙂

Horizontal Spread2

Wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate, I hope you are cherishing spending time with your loved ones. May the holiday season bring you joy, peace and health!






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