12 Vegan Study Snack Essentials For Finals Season

It’s crunch time! The fall semester is coming to a close and finals are upon us. I completed my final projects last week, and I thought it would be useful to share my study snack essentials that helped me get through it all.

study essentials

My last week was ruled by two activities: working on my final project for my landscape architecture studio class, or napping at home. It’s very easy to forget to eat regularly when I’m putting all my energy into school. Studying (especially working on creative projects) can make you soo hungry, and that doesn’t help with concentration! Going into my final week, I knew I had to prep my studio work space at school with all the essentials, to keep myself fed and save myself time.

Here’s my list of a dozen must-haves during finals season, when you have no time to meal prep or even make a sandwich:

  1. Water—staying hydrated is SO important to me, especially during finals! Getting enough water helps your brain focus better. I also personally find that drinking water just keeps me sane and functioning optimally; when I’m stressed or sleep-deprived, my throat tends to get dry.
  2. Energy drinkRuna is my favorite because it’s a clean energy drink and it doesn’t make me crash afterwards, since there’s no added sugar. The taste of the original is not particularly remarkable (it’s a slightly bitter tea with a hint of lime), but it totally gets the job done when I need a pick me up during a long night. That’s all that matters to me!
  3. Unsweetened nut butter—perfect to pair with fruit or dates for a satisfying, brain-boosting snack. I love almond butter and peanut butter!
  4. Kombucha—to refresh! My two favorite brands are GT Dave’s and Clearly Kombucha. Both are organic, raw and low in sugar. Clearly Kombucha recently sent me a sweet care package to welcome me as a brand ambassador, and I got to try one of their new, unreleased flavors—Ginger Mint Lemonade, as pictured above. It was divine! I particularly love Kombucha with ginger in it; it leaves a delicious, lingering spicy sensation that instantly lifts up my mood.
  5. Dates and toasted almonds—an addictive combo! There’s something about crunching on toasted almonds that is so satisfying.
  6. Fresh fruit—for fiber and energy. I brought pears, apples, and a 5 lb bag of clementines to keep me company in my studio. The clementines provided a boost of energy and Vitamin C. They were also great for sharing with other students who needed healthy snacks!
  7. Cold preventatives—because no one has the time to be sick! I could feel myself on the verge of getting sick, so I had to take preventative measures. In addition to eating tons of clementines and ingesting ginger tea whenever I had a moment at home, I kept some Nature’s Way Umcka cold medicine handy in my studio to stop symptoms in their tracks. I took a few doses when my throat was feeling particularly achey. I never got fully sick, thank goodness!
  8. Tea—to calm the nerves. Sipping a hot cup of tea mellows me out; it was a great thing to have on hand when I was doubting myself and second-guessing almost everything about my design project! Studies show that sipping tea can really help you with decreasing your levels of anxiety and stress.
  9. Veggie frozen burritos—for sustenance! There was a time when I had the luxury of stepping outside my studio to grab some Chipotle or go home to make a wrap. Sadly, my final project schedule did not allow for such luxuries. So I kept a stash of frozen vegan burritos in my studio fridge for when I needed a substantial meal. My favorite go-to brands are Sweet Earth and Amy’s.
  10. Fresh veggies—for nutrients and fiber. There was no time to make salads, so I chose to snack on portable veggies like broccoli, carrots and tomatoes. Eating fresh veggies can be quite refreshing. Pair them with your favorite hummus!
  11. Hummus—this is just an essential snack for life, whether you’re studying for finals or not. The healthy fats in it fuel your brain and the fiber keeps you satisfied, so you can study harder! My favorite flavors are any kind of spicy hummus, and roasted red bell pepper hummus.
  12. Instant veggie soup—this is probably my favorite food discovery of the semester! Wholesome and delicious, Dr. McDougall’s Split Pea Soup is packed with fiber and protein. I relied on it for a quick dinner many times throughout the semester, even before finals season. Dr. McDougall’s brand also makes tons of other instant meal products, without questionable additives or MSG! I love their stuff.

If you’re a student, I wish you the best of luck on your finals!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some sleep to catch up on. 🙂

What are your favorite study snacks? Please share below!

Let me know what you think!

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