My Weekend | Ecofest + Loving Hut + Studying

Portulaca Oleracea

I’m trying to learn the Latin names of plants for my plant identification class–a confusing and difficult process, to say the least. Pictured above is portulaca oleracea, an edible succulent commonly known as Purslane, found at Potager Cafe after my adventures at Ecofest this weekend.

The purslane was growing with another plant with blue flowers and big leaves that my friend and I could not identify…if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

It was cool running into the amazing Sylvia Elzafon, who represented Mercy For Animals at Ecofest! I also bought some vegan soap from Yumscents.

After studying all afternoon, I got an exciting text from my sister while she was at Loving Hut in Arlington.

“And they will have them forever.” I guess Anna has decreed it, so, that’s a thing that’s happening at Loving Hut next week. So fried, but so good! I went there for dinner with my family and it was confirmed.

Apparently, they are also bringing back the Baguette charm, summer rolls, quesadillas and cake in the near future, as well as adding a vegan BLT. I was literally JUST talking to my sister about how much I missed the Baguette Charm (as pictured below. I am in love).

Baguette Charm, photo courtesy of the guys at Loving Hut in Arlington
Baguette Charm, photo courtesy of the guys at Loving Hut in Arlington

All in all, it was a pretty good Saturday.

You can read more about Ecofest in my articles for The Shorthorn here and here. Let me know what you think!

A huge thanks to my friend and co-worker Tori for taking awesome pictures to go with my article covering the event!

Now it’s time for me to study more plants! What’d you do this weekend? Are you excited about the return of some Loving Hut favorites? Their pizza is good but I’m so happy about these items!

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