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The weekend has arrived, which means it’s time to go to brunch at the Dallas Farmer’s Market! A couple weekends ago, I had the absolute joy of taking part in a collaborative veggie takeover organized by my good friend Brooklynne (@beetsbybrooke) and the Dallas Farmer’s Market. Brooklynne did an amazing job showcasing all the vegan finds at The Shed at the farmer’s market–you can check out her stories here on the Dallas Farmer’s Market’s VEGAN highlight!


We were joined by our good friends Courtney (@colormecourtney_), Malinda (@kindred.vegan.souls), and John Francis (@johnfmfilms) which was great because we needed a lot of help to eat all the food. One thing to know before brunching at DFM: bring your whole crew! Don’t forget reusable containers!

It has been such an honor to be a part of this collaboration. As a resource, I wanted to create a long-form blog post showcasing all our vegan finds. Learn more about each vendor below, and check out the things we tried this past weekend. This page will be continuously updated as new vegan vendors and products are always popping up in the market! It is incredible to me; if you go back to the DFM highlights on my Instagram, you can see how much the vegan community has grown in the past year alone! Back in the summer of 2018, I remember when Bam’s Vegan and Vegan Vibrationz were my two go-to spots at the DFM…the vegan options have just exploded since then.


  • Ajae’s Scoops — Did you know that Ajae’s Scoops is Dallas-Fort Worth’s first and only all non-dairy ice cream trailer? Their founder, Latarsha Blue, believes that ice cream should be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are lactose intolerant, vegan, have gluten allergies, or just simply want a good scoop of ice cream, they’ve got you! Their ice cream is always a much welcomed treat, perfect for all the Texas heat!

Black beans, avocado, and plaintain stuffed areapa by Arepa Nation!

  • Arepa Nation — Arepa Nation is devoted to the pleasures of homemade Venezuelan food, featuring iconic street food in the form of arepas. They wanted a space where authentic quality food converges with the eclectic vibe of their city. What is an arepa? An arepa is the daily bread of Venezuela handed down generations from the Timoto-Cuicas (a local tribe). Made of white cornmeal, water and salt, the dough is formed into a patty, grilled, baked, fried split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients like a sandwich. Arepa styles in Venezuela vary by region. The fillings may vary depending on who’s eating them, but in its original form they are gluten-free and vegan.
BamsVegan (2).jpg

Bam’s Vegan’s signature oyster fried mushroom Po Boy, with his homemade ketchup, featuring vegan shrimp from All Vegetarian Inc. (distributed by Plants Lead Our Way here in TX).

  • Bam’s Vegan — Founded by Brandon Waller, a local pop up chef who’s aiming to change the vegan culture of Dallas. His main mission statement is to get people accustomed to vegan dishes tasting amazing. Brandon wants to eliminate the stigma of bland vegan food and the idea that all vegans eat is lettuce. Brandon works hard to break down the barriers to healthier eating, and prepares 100% plant based meals with in season/local produce. I am lucky to call Brandon a friend and mentor, and had the wonderful opportunity to work on his recently released summer recipes e-book–check it out for some amazing recipes if you want to try your hand at cooking like Bam’s at home!


  • Bonton Farms — Bonton Farms is an agricultural intervention to restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods for the most marginalized and vulnerable people. I have been fascinated with Bonton Farms’ mission and have done extensive research about them for a landscape architecture studio project during grad school (you can check out my studio project inspired by Bonton as a catalyst here). Bonton Farms is a great example of community empowerment and social resilience taking root through the means of landscape intervention! The story of Bonton, and the relationship between food deserts and social injustice, is an important one that is far too common in under-served communities–I encourage you to check out this documentary to get an idea of the history of the community.




  • Brothers Products — Their family-made hummus, gourmet dips, spreads and Mediterranean specialties available at Dallas area farmers markets. Brothers Products began over a decade ago in California with one mission, to share the wonderful flavors of the Mediterranean. Their unique and healthful recipes were passed down from generation to generation and are always fresh, prepared with no additives or preservatives. My favorite from them is their garlic basil dip!

CravebyJoy (1).jpg

  • Crave by Joy — Crave by Joy is all about you and what you crave–from the simpel to the outrageous. Whatever that craving is, they are here to satisfy it! I love that they provide vegan options, and my favorite from them is their oatmeal cookie. 

Despatisserie (1).jpg

  • Des Patisseries — Des Patisseries Bakery combines both concepts of the traditional bakery; a family owned and operated business that uses fresh and finest ingredients to create, from scratch, delicious French inspired pastries. Their mission is to inspire and touch every person with our experience and through their food, their passion, and their culture. I am over the moon about their flaky vegan croissants–it’s a special nostalgic treat for me!


  • Fineapple Vegan — Brittanie’s main goal is to help show as many people as possible better food alternatives…. without eating animals or animal products! Her food shows that vegans can also indulge, and her dedication showcases that veganism is not just about food–it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re already vegan or a curious carnivore, all are welcome! Pictured above are my two favorite things from Fineapple Vegan to date: loaded mac and cheese and their blood orange lemonade.
HealthKoncious (1).jpg

Health Koncious’ soul food plate, featuring mac and cheese, collard greens, and some very fragrantly spiced sweet potatoes!

  • Health Koncious — Hailing from my home-town of Oklahoma City, Health Koncious was created to become an honest and local food service that supports low income families in their abilities to become plant based. Their Chef Nicole Asali “[believes] in teaching people that with food you can indulge without destroying your body.” Asali’s team brings healthy food with a diverse approach to creating menus reflecting varied backgrounds: Global, Street-Food Inspired, Classic American & Indigenous Comfort Foods. They source their produce from a network of over 15 local farms and always use freshest produce available. I particularly loved the spiced sweet potatoes in their soul food plate!

KitchenPrideMushrooms (3)

  • Kitchen Pride Mushrooms — Known as “The Mushroom of Texas”, Kitchen Pride has been consistently producing fresh, locally-grown, premium quality mushrooms in a state of the art growing facility in Gonzales, Texas since 1988. Along with putting sustainable farming methods into practice, Kitchen Pride employs extensive water conservation and recycling programs. After each crop, the compost used to grow mushrooms is sold to be used again on farmers’ fields and in local gardens and landscaping. I’m all about that!


  • MAI EATS — Mai Eats is a Dallas family business that brings Lao cuisine to the DFW community one bite at a time. They also offer fresh juices (watermelon, pineapple, orange, and grapefruit). I love that they have a vegan curry, and really appreciate that their food comes in a reusable coconut bowl that you can keep for later!


  • Microgreens, LLC. — Microgreens, LLC is a family-owned vertical farm. They grow our microgreens soil-free, using organic seeds, resulting in nutrient dense greens bursting with delicate flavors. Using nothing but water, light, and coconut pads, they are dedicated to sustainable farming (No Fertilizers, No Pesticides, No Soil, and No Animal byproducts). I loved the vibrancy of their greens and even got to sample some–I really enjoyed the garlic microgreens!
ReviveSpices (8)

We tried Revive Spices’ Spicy Thai Seasoning on Mai Eat’s curry and it was the perfect pairing!

  • Revive Spices — Revive Spices is on a mission to to rejuvenate, inspire and ignite their customer’s lives with herbs and spices in a way that empowers them to try something new often and fulfill their dreams.  With more than 15 herbs and spices, taste buds are guaranteed to tango. Their all natural hand-blended vegan spices are non-gmo, gluten free and msg free. I was also impressed to learn that half of the collection is salt-free! I tried the salt-free Spicy Thai Seasoning and loved it!



  • Sierra Valley — This family owned business is serving vegan versions of traditional Mexican dishes that are similar, if not better than, the originals. With their creations, they are all about normalizing vegan Mexican food as much as possible. The family is continuously working on perfecting their recipes and you can totally taste the love in every bite! My favorite is their tostadas–so colorful, flavorful and fresh!



  • Trouvi Cookie Company — This company offers hand made, from scratch, gluten free cookies that are actually good, and they have four amazing vegan flavors (White Velvet, Lemon, Ginger Molasses, and Sweet and Salty)! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but my top two are the Ginger Molasses and of course, the Sweet and Salty.

My friend Danny & I were so in love with this combo! We wanted to get the vegan ice cream for even more indulgence, but they had just run out…next time!

  • Twisted Churros — This vendor features handcrafted churros, with a twist! Their churros come with fun toppings like chocolate sauce, fruit, and even ice cream. Their churro base is actually vegan, and they have six vegan options to choose from, including vegan ice cream and a berries + vegan nutella option (using Nutiva)! My friend and I really enjoyed the Nutiva and berries churros–the Nutiva has a richer chocolate flavor than regular Nutella and isn’t as crazy sweet.



  • Vegan Vibrationz — Chef Jovan Cole (aka Vonnie to us in the vegan community) started Vegan Vibrationz as a vehicle to share his love for vegan cuisine with people all over the world. Specializing in vegan soul and comfort food, Vonnie is definitely one of my favorite vendors at the Dallas Farmer’s Market! He always brings lots of flavors and an artistic flair to all his legendary food creations. In addition to the farmer’s market, you can also find Vonnie doing special pop ups around DFW from time to time! I was ecstatic to see that he was really quick to capitalize on the Popeye’s chicken sandwich trend by offering his own vegan version–absolutely delicious and no animals harmed! 




  • William’s Garden — William’s garden is a little farm located off 1 mile off Hwy 175 going north on 3405. They grow vegetables, herbs and peaches. I loved checking out their fresh herbs, which included one of my favorites: Thai basil!

ZubiateCocina (1).jpg

  • Zubiate Foods — Zubiate’s Cocina has a mission to bring fresh ingredients & a fresh perspective to our world via wild varieties of flavor. They believe in a life of balance which includes free time in one’s schedule to step outdoors in a world that pressures us to remain behind screens. Zubiate’s doesn’t just stop at sustainably and ethically grown ingredients but additionally, they seek to inspire meaningful memories with meaningful people….with phenomenal food!

VeganCrewDid I cover everything? Know of a vegan option or vendor that’s not on this list? Please let me know in the comments below!


Once again, a big thanks to one of my absolute best friends, @beetsbybrooke for organizing this whole veggie takeover and catalyzing this collaboration with the @dallasfarmersmarket!

Meanwhile, keep watching this space, as more and more vendors will be added as they pop up. That’s how much our vegan community in Dallas is growing! I hope to catch you at the market soon, and keep your calendars marked for the 10th annual Texas Veggie State Fair on November 2nd, which will actually be hosted by the Dallas Farmer’s Market! Yes, you read that right–the Dallas Farmer’s Market is collaborating with the largest Vegfest in Texas for their biggest event yet. What a time to be alive, y’all!



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  1. Brooklynne Palmer says:

    Love this!! Thanks for putting words for an amazing weekend. The visuals and the descriptions are perfect for anyone in the Dallas area to learn about the amazing options

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