Q&A With a Pig | BB Addresses Her Fans

For those of you who celebrate, I hope your Lunar New Year week has had a beautiful start! I’ve been spending a lot of time with family, eating great food and treats, and re-visiting childhood memories. In honor of the year of the pig, I asked you guys on Instagram to send in your questions about BB, the adorable pig I fostered a couple years ago. She has graciously taken the time to answer your queries below–enjoy!

How did Ann end up fostering you?

I was found wandering the streets in Fort Worth, and was taken to the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center. I had a couple scars…we’re not sure what happened to me, but thank goodness the animal shelter took care of me. They posted a picture of me on Facebook, and Ann found it through a local vegan group. Those people were so nice, helping me when they didn’t even know me! Ann shared the post with her former boss, V, who has had a pet pig before. V wanted to adopt me, but she was in the middle of moving, so Ann offered to foster me! She became my foster mom. 🙂 We lived together for about 3 months!

What does BB/Bibi stand for? 

Bibi is short for Bernadette! V and her family actually call me Goldie now! 


Are you house-trained? 

Indeed, I am! We pigs don’t like to do our dirty business where we sleep or eat. I’m proud to say, I’ve only had one accident inside and that was because Ann’s friend put out two water bowls for me and I drank both before the humans got home…oops! But normally, whenever I need to go, I oink and make my way towards the backdoor. I typically do my business in the furthest corner in the backyard.

Do you like meeting people? 

I’m definitely an introvert, like my foster mama Ann! I enjoy people, but not all at once–too many people make me kind of nervous. I don’t trust y’all very easily, and a lot of you scare me, to be honest. #trustissues

I’m skeptical of new people and it takes some time for me to warm up! You humans have to earn my trust. More points for you if you don’t eat my friends! 😉


Ann took me to her work one day in Dallas, and they were so accommodating! I had a whole conference room to myself so that people could trickle in to visit me, a few at a time. It was pretty fun for me, I ate a lot of grapes, and even sat in on a landscape architecture meeting. Later that day, Ann took me to V Eats, where Chef Troy fed me fresh veggies! I enjoyed walking around the outdoor patio area…I even made my way to the non-vegan restaurant next door, giving the omnivores something to think about! It was a crazy day. 

Bernadette2Where do you sleep?

These days, I live with V, Ann’s former boss, and I have my own semi-private section of the yard with a sandbox, a kiddie pool, and my own designer piggie house! I generally sleep in there, but back when I was living with Ann, I would sleep right next to her in her bed, nuzzled into her waist. Sometimes when Ann would stay at school late, I would sleep on the couch next to her sister, Anna. 


Do you like hugs?

I like my space.

Hugs are acceptable from certain people if we’ve been well acquainted, and if I’m in a cuddly mood. I really do love cuddles, but I need to be comfortable with you first.


What’s your favorite fruit?

I like all fruit! It’s hard to choose a favorite. I especially love cherries and watermelons! I eat them whole, seeds and rind included. 


What makes you mad?

Car rides freak me out. I also really don’t like when people get too close to me and hug me when I’ve never met them before…it’s like, excuse you, haven’t you heard of manners? Please, I’m a lady. It’s Bernadette, to you. 

I’m usually pretty chill, but I hate going to the vet! Ann had to take me there once, and I was so mad that night, I slept in the corner facing AWAY from her bed. 

Are you a morning person? 

Yes! I wake up promptly at 5 am everyday to go to the restroom in the great outdoors! I would typically nudge Ann awake to let me out, by quietly putting my head on her stomach. Sometimes she would sleep too deeply and I’d have to oink to get her to wake up. Come on, mom!!


Do you still love yogurt? 

Yes, Anna, I still enjoy it, ya bish! When are you coming to visit me to bring me my yogurt smoothie bowl? In a papaya, please.  

Why you so cute?

I guess I was just born this way! Thank you so much. 🙂 


What are your favorite foods?! Or treats?

I love salads, veggies, nuts and fresh fruit! There’s nothing I don’t like, really! Except medicine. I will only drink medicine if it’s blended in a tasty fruit smoothie for me. 

Where are you living now? 

I live with Ann’s former boss, V! I have two dog brothers (we tolerate each other, but let’s be honest, I’m the queen), and a young boy to play with!


Thanks so much for all your questions you sent my way about BB; I’m glad I could feature her on the blog, finally! She needs to go rest now. 🙂 Happy year of the pig! If you’re looking for more adorable BB pics, head to my IG and check out the BB highlight!

BB Exit.jpg

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