Baked Chickpea Flatbread

The weather in Texas has been way too cold lately–icy roads have left me stranded at home for the past couple of days! We don’t know how to deal with coldness here. My week hasn’t been bad though, I’ve been eating lots of hot soup (also, mini taco parties with my sister). Soba noodle soup is my go-to, but some spicy curry might be next on the menu.

Today, I’m sharing the basil garlic flatbread recipe I promised from last week’s sweet potato eggplant curry post!

Sweet Potato Eggplant Curry

I’ve seen recipes for chickpea flatbread in Italian cooking (where it’s called socca, or farinata) and in Indian-inspired cuisine. I wanted to try making a chickpea flatbread without oil in the batter, and the results were delicious, very savory and satisfying. Continue reading