Coffee Scrub and Almond Bliss Body Batter

Peace Love & Cakes: Review (+ Discount Code)

Coffee Scrub and Almond Bliss Body BatterWhat you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

This is the philosophy behind Peace Love & Cakes, a line of natural, organic vegan skincare created by Regina Wieland, a passionate vegan chef from Hurst, Texas. Her products are made with all natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and no preservatives. They are also all plant-based and cruelty-free! Since Regina loves baking, her line is all bakery-inspired and everything smells delicious.

After sampling a few of the products, here are my thoughts:

Almond Bliss Body Batter (right): This silky body moisturizer is one of those lotions that smells so good you almost want to eat it. It smells like some kind of coconut almond cookie, a little sweet for my taste, actually. But I just used a small amount, and it moisturized my skin nicely without a greasy feel–perfect for applying after a shower.

Mint Chocolate Cookie Lip Balm (not pictured): This lip balm went on smoothly and smelled amazing, but what really had me sold was the refreshing minty feeling that came afterwards. It was excellent.

Minty Coffee Sugar Scrub (left): This scrub was my absolute favorite of all the samples. First of all, it smells like a coffee shop. Heaven! It was a great exfoliant and because of the organic peppermint oil, it left a tingly feeling on my skin. I smelled delicious and felt totally refreshed after using it.

It’s so great to be able to choose natural, cruelty-free products that are made with care! I enjoyed the products so much that I wanted to share them with my blog readers, and Regina has kindly created a special discount code for you guys. If you make a purchase from her Etsy shop, be sure to enter the code “BROCCOLI” for a 12% discount (it’s case sensitive). Let me know in the comments if you get one of her products–I want to know how you like them!

Regina is also working on a natural dry shampoo, which I am eager to try. Watch for another review soon!

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